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White Lettergram 10x10
White Lettergram 10x10
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Photo not ours

White Lettergram 10x10

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The white 10x10in letter board comes with the standard 360 black letters / characters and a canvass pouch to store unused letters.

Typically used as home decor, these letter boards can be mounted on walls or displayed on console tables, office desks, and shelves.

The size of this board also makes it easy to carry around for photo shoots, milestone markers, events, travels, flatlays... the possibilities are endless, really. ;)

Product details:

  • 10x10 inch white felt letter board
  • Natural oak wood frame*
  • 360 black letters and basic characters
  • Canvass pouch for letter storage
  • Wooden stand

*Please note that we have no control over the wood stain or pattern that make up each frame. That said, each wood frame has a uniqueness to it that adds to the letter board's overall organic and rustic charm. :)