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Multi-purpose retro letter boards for modern spaces and creative folks

The possibilities are endless with these felt letter boards. Think home decors, wedding and engagement shoots, baby photos, milestone markers, shop displays, restaurante menus, event styling, dessert buffets, instagram flatlays. You can literally display whatever message you want and use these boards however you want! Lettergram is the first ever local specialty shop of these letter boards in the Philippines.



10x10 Lettergrams

Say it with letter boards

The truth is, these boards have been around for decades. Long before digital screens and social media, we already see these letter boards in old university buildings, local film centers, or retro diners.

Back in the day, organizations and local businesses relied heavily on these letter boards to serve a simple and straightforward purpose--to display constantly changing information.

Today, we see these letter boards everywhere. Everywhere on Instagram and Pinterest, at least. :)

These old school letter boards have become more than just signages but a classic staple in modern spaces, more so a new way to showcase creativity, inspiring messages, and even a bit of humor.

Countless of creatives are sharing their letter board addiction online.. and now YOU can join in the fun!

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